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What is Emotion Focused Therapy?

Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) is a popular approach that has been proven highly effective for couples experiencing relationship difficulties. It is a collaborative approach where couples work with a therapist to help them explore their emotions and develop a deeper understanding of their feelings. Through EFT, we help couples identify the negative patterns and behaviors that are causing their relationship issues and work together to create new patterns of interaction that build intimacy and trust.

EFT is the most effective couples therapy by far. No approach compares in research. 90 % of couples who go through EFT significantly improve their relationships and 70-75% of couples no longer fit criteria for relationship distress following treatment. 

Is it Right For Us?

Emotion-focused therapy may be right for you if you are experiencing difficulties managing your emotions, have a desire to explore and understand your emotions more deeply, and are open to exploring your emotional experiences in therapy. This approach is particularly helpful for individuals who struggle with expressing or regulating their emotions, have difficulty connecting with their emotions, or have experienced trauma or challenging life events that have impacted their emotional well-being. Ultimately, the decision to pursue emotion-focused therapy should be based on your individual preferences, comfort level with exploring emotions, and willingness to engage in the therapeutic process. It is important to communicate openly with your therapist and collaborate on a treatment plan that aligns with your needs and therapeutic goals.

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